How present is the customer in your boardroom discussions?

Top management’s commitment to putting the customer first is key to turning customer empathy into growth.

A signal on how much top management is committed to customer empathy is whether customer-related topics make it to the boardroom.


How often do you discuss customer metrics at management committee level?

Is there someone representing the customer voice in your management team / advisory board/board of directors?

Is customer value/satisfaction central to the organization's business vision and its strategies and to the decisions that are taken at the top?

A few best practices to get the customer voice in the boardroom

  • Customer metrics  integrated in the top executives scorecard (and evaluation)
  • Customer experience committee chaired and sponsored by a board member reporting regularly to the executive committee and/or board of directors
  • CCO (chief Customer Officer) represented in the management board
  • Customer champion in your advisory board (for instance via an independent board member)


Our workshops with management teams are designed to help raise interest and urgency to put the customer in your boardroom.

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