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MARKQUEST - 3. Define Brand Vision and Experience

Define Brand Vision and value proposition

  • Is the brand vision anchored in deep customer understanding?

  • Do you offer a relevant and differentiating brand value proposition?

  • Is your brand vision translated into a complete brand experience?

To be successful, the brand vision and experience should be driven from the perspective of the customer you serve, offering  a relevant and differentiating value proposition.

We facilitate sessions with your team to define a customer centric brand vision and value proposition and translate it into the complete brand experience

  • We START from your prospective customers, their needs, aspirations, fears and frustrations to define how you could bring value
  • We help you DEFINE a meaningful brand purpose and the key elements of the brand positioning (differentiators, values, personality) and value proposition
  • We then help you TRANSLATE this vision into the complete customer experience, identifying the key gaps and priorities and working out a roadmap to turn the vision into action, using human centered design principles

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