Optimize customer experience

Is the customer experience CONSISTENTLY STRONG along the entire customer journey?

Optimizing the customer experience with your brand day after day and across the key touchpoints is a key challenge requiring multi functional collaboration.

We accompany your teams in the journey towards superior seamless customer experience:

  • We use in-depth customer understanding to help you map the complete customer journey for the key customer personas, from need identification to repurchase/recommendation
  • We animate workshops with multi functional teams to build a common understanding of the customer journey, identify key functional and emotional needs, moments of truths and pain points, define relevant touchpoints and make the link with internal processes.
  • We help you define ideas to optimize the customer journey focusing on 3 areas:  items to fix, items to deliver (more) consistently and opportunities to go beyond and delight the customer
  • We work with your teams to prioritize improvement ideas, define a roadmap and measure progress.

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Valérie Busquin

Phone: +32 477 330 064

E-mail: busquin.v@markquest.eu

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