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MARKQUEST - 2. Develop Customer Empathy

Develop Customer Empathy

How DEEP is your understanding of customer needs and behaviors?

Developing an in-depth understanding of the individual you serve - his/her motivations, needs , wants, desires and frustrations - is fundamental to be able to deliver a superior customer experience in a proactive way.

We carry out in-depth qualitative research using advanced techniques (ethnographic, in-depth interviews leveraging the zmet® picture based interviewing methodology, online panel and diaries, etc) that enable us to gain a rich understanding of the individual and how your brand/product fits in his/her life.

  • We conduct the interviews and analyses ourselves, so we get to really feel the customers and can transmit this empathy to your teams
  • We help you translate the learnings into business building insights


Research is important but we are also firm believers in the importance for your teams to develop their own customer empathy. We organize immersive experiences for your teams across the organization to observe and talk to their customers directly and experience what it is like to be in their shoes. We train them on how to get the most of those experiences and follow up with sessions to cross-share observations and transform them into insights and business ideas.

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