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As a marketer or Customer Experience leader, you are personally convinced of the need and importance of putting the customer at the center and want to lead the way to make your organisation even more customer empathic… which can sometimes be frustrating depending on the organization.

We help YOU drive greater customer empathy within your organization


Through our customer empathy audit, we first identify the key gaps and opportunities within your organization and help you define priorities and a roadmap.

  • Is the issue that your top management is not really engaged in the topic? We help you organize an experience-based session with them to raise their interest and commitment.
  • Are you lacking in-depth customer understanding? We help you with in-depth research and/or meet your customers programs for your team and help you transform the learnings into actions.
  • Are you missing a strong customer-centric vision to drive the growth on your brands? We accompany you on the roadmap to develop a purposeful customer-driven brand vision.
  • Is the customer experience with your brand not consistent enough? We help you map the customer journey,  identify key moments of truth and pain points through your customer journey, and define the key opportunities to strengthen the customer experience
  • Are your teams lacking the skills and competencies to put the customer at the center of their strategies and plans? We organize action-oriented trainings and workshops to help your teams develop their mindset and skills.


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Valérie Busquin

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