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MARKQUEST - Customer empathy is ...

Empathy is ... a MUST

Customer empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of the individuals you serve so you deeply understand what they need, want and feel. Cultivating empathy at all levels allows to focus on delivering a superior customer experience - a proven recipe for sustainable growth.

EMPATHY makes the difference

    • It makes the organization attuned to customers' needs and wants
    • It enable the organization to be proactive and anticipate those needs and wants
    • It helps define a meaningful vision and a strong value-added proposition
    • It helps define the key priorities to offer a superior customer experience 
    • It empowers employees to do the right thing
    • It makes your customers feel you understand them and care for them
    • It creates an emotional bonding with your brand
    • It motivates customers to be loyal and recommend you
    • It results in greater growth and shareholder value

We help you accelerate GROWTH through greater CUSTOMER EMPATHY

      • We  engage the executive team to make greater customer empathy a corporate priority
      • We help you put yourself in the shoes of the individual you serve and move from rational understanding to more emotional understanding
      • We help set up a "voice of the customer" program adapted to your situation and needs
      • We help you turn the customer insights  into concrete business building ideas
      • We help identify key opportunities to improve customer experience, define a roadmap with priority actions and execute a roadmap to prioritize actions  complete brand experience
      • We encourage you to think beyond traditional marketing scope and break internal silo's to review and optimize the complete brand experience
      • We help you motivate and train all employees to develop customer empathy and deliver a better overall customer experience
      • We help you review internal processes and systems to deliver a better overall customer experience

More about our approach and services (consulting/coaching, training and research)

Empathy is...

Empathy is not...

  • Putting the individual you serve at the center
  • Anticipating the needs of your customers
  • Moving from rational to emotional understanding
  • Genuinely caring for your customer
  • A mindset and long term commitment
  • Just claiming that the customer is the boss
  • Reacting to customer feedback
  • Having lots of data about customer behaviour
  • Doing anything to please the customer (even when not reasonable)
  • A one-shot program

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Valérie Busquin

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