For this Belgian energy and climate consulting firm, we first conducted an assessment of the customer empathy of the organization. The customer empathy self-assessment test was taken by all partners and consultants. Based on this, we identified three key areas of improvement for Climact to better transform customer empathy into growth. We accompanied the team on the first improvement - i.e. getting one step further in the ability to put themselves in the shoes of the prospective customer to be able to anticipate their needs and transform this knowledge proactively in the plans and approach. 

We organized a workshop with the team that resulted in a mindset shift on the interest and importance of a more customer empathic approach and in five concrete action steps that have been implemented  by the organization.

The client's point of view:

"MarkQuest has contributed significantly to enhance the customer empathy of our organization. The assessment provided first recommendations that were further developed through a workshop. During the workshop, understanding the customer, her/his aspirations, needs, motivations, pains and gains and working closely with the team to improve the customer'e expereience has been very valuable. All feedbacks received were positive and have allowed to build a systematic specific and concrete action plan" (PV - managing partner)

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