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Customer empathic Innovation approach

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Want to build a customer relevant innovation pipeline for your brand?
Struggling to come up with meaningful innovation on your brand? 
Want to change the way your teams approach innovation?


We help you...

  • Transform your approach to innovation, making it more customer empathic 
  • Put in place a customer empathic process to generate new ideas 
  • Speed up the time to market

How we work...

Based on more than 15 years experience in in human centered / design thinking innovation approach, we set up and facilitate a highly involving process typically in 5 steps that enables multi-functional teams to come up with innovative solutions that build on real customer needs.

  • Step 1 - Kick off: get you familiar with the approach and review/align the scope, learnings so far and research set up
  • Step 2 - Empathize: a mix of in-context real time observation, in-depth interviews and immersive experiences for your team to develop a deep empathy for the people they serve
  • Step 3 - Generate insights: an intense session to review observations from research and uncover rich insights
  • Step 4 - Ideate & prototype: using creative thinking techniques to ideate on the identified insights, quickly turning the strongest idea into prototype
  • Step 5 - Test & optimize: getting back to customers for early feedback on developed ideas enabling to optimize them prior to proceeding


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Free Customer Empathy self-assessment test

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Get valuable insights on the customer empathy of your organization

The below questionnaire has been built based on best practices and experience with our clients.

Completing the questionnaire will only take you 10 to 15 minutes.

A few days after completing the survey, you will receive a complimentary report with a first assessment of the customer empathy of your organization, together with some concrete recommendations on how you could create a more customer empathetic organization to build your business.

And of course, we will keep the information you provide confidential.

 Questions about this test? Want to see an example of the report before completing the test? Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

click here to go to the test

Prefer to do it in French? click here

Consulting and coaching

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Want to make your organization more customer empathic but are not sure where to start?
Want to reinforce your own leadership in driving the change  within your organization?
Need to develop a customer-centric brand vision and/or translate it into a superior customer experience?
Struggling to translate your brand vision and customer knowledge into actual projects and integrated communication plans?

We help you ...

  • structure the approach leveraging proven tools, methods and best practices
  • ask yourself the right questions
  • work out solutions and plans.  
  • develop roadmaps
  • engage your organization

How we work...

In line with our core belief, all our missions start with a thorough intake to ensure we develop empathy for your business, specific needs, issues and challenges and offer the approach and type of partnership that best meets the needs and size of your organization.

Depending on the client and/or project, our interventions include:

  • Leading the project ourselves in close relationship with a project sponsor
  • Coaching you and your team
  • Organizing workshops with your teams to work together on specific projects.


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Research and Customer understanding

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Need to put in place a Voice of the Customer program to gather on-going customer feedback?
Need to better understand the people you serve, their needs, and aspirations?
Want to understand how your customers perceive your brand, its products and services today?
Want to understand how to best position your brand to engage your customers?


We help you...

  • Design the research plan to address your business issues
  • Put in place a VOP ("Voice of the customer") / NPS program
  • Get in-depth qualitative insights about your customers
  • Find the right research partners when it is beyond our direct scope of expertise

How we work...

We are fully qualified and have a long practice of advanced in-depth qualitative research techniques including the Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET®) and in-context / in-moment observation, continuously integrating new qualitative techniques into our practice

We carry out the full qualitative research process ourselves (with a few long term partners) to develop a true empathy for your customers

  • Because we do the interviews and analysis ourselves, we get to really feel the customers and can transmit this empathy to your teams
  • We help you turn the learnings into action – we go beyond providing actionable recommendations, we follow up with workshops and/or coaching to help you and your teams directly transform the learnings into business ideas.

We have experience both with research in B-to-C, B-to-B as well as internal research with employees.

As a Net Promoter® certified associate, we help put in place  a "voice of the customer" program leveraging best practices from CX champions across the world. We help you integrate structured and unstructured data to gather actionable insights for improving customer experience. We help you turn those insights into action through designing closed loop processes.


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Customer Empathy Audit®

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Want to understand where your organization stands in terms of customer empathy?

Want to know what you should focus on to improve customer empathy?

We help you:

  • Evaluate your organization's strengths
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Identify priority areas to grow the business through greater customer empathy

How we work:

An audit around 6 areas to evaluate your organization's strengths and weaknesses on customer empathy

  • A self-evaluation via a proprietary online questionnaire is completed by your company’s management team and a sample of employees/external stakeholders 
  • An external evaluation (by us) around the same criteria based on a review of key customer metrics, internal interviews, customer feedback and mystery customer mission

What you get:

  • An in-depth evaluation of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, contrasting your self-evaluation with external evaluation and evaluation by your employees
  • The identification of the priority focus area to improve the organisation’s customer empathy

Customer Empathy Audit


Valérie Busquin

Phone: +32 477 330 064


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