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MARKQUEST - Research and Customer understanding

Research and Customer understanding

Need to put in place a Voice of the Customer program to gather on-going customer feedback?
Need to better understand the people you serve, their needs, and aspirations?
Want to understand how your customers perceive your brand, its products and services today?
Want to understand how to best position your brand to engage your customers?


We help you...

  • Design the research plan to address your business issues
  • Put in place a VOP ("Voice of the customer") / NPS program
  • Get in-depth qualitative insights about your customers
  • Find the right research partners when it is beyond our direct scope of expertise

How we work...

We are fully qualified and have a long practice of advanced in-depth qualitative research techniques including the Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET®) and in-context / in-moment observation, continuously integrating new qualitative techniques into our practice

We carry out the full qualitative research process ourselves (with a few long term partners) to develop a true empathy for your customers

  • Because we do the interviews and analysis ourselves, we get to really feel the customers and can transmit this empathy to your teams
  • We help you turn the learnings into action – we go beyond providing actionable recommendations, we follow up with workshops and/or coaching to help you and your teams directly transform the learnings into business ideas.

We have experience both with research in B-to-C, B-to-B as well as internal research with employees.

As a Net Promoter® certified associate, we help put in place  a "voice of the customer" program leveraging best practices from CX champions across the world. We help you integrate structured and unstructured data to gather actionable insights for improving customer experience. We help you turn those insights into action through designing closed loop processes.


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Valérie Busquin

Phone: +32 477 330 064